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Top 5 Universities in the UK to Prepare for Journalism Careers

Journalism careers are at the heart of our modern information-centered society – and not only is journalism an important career path, it’s also highly exciting! No two days of your job will be the same. As a journalist you get to constantly meet new people from all ages and backgrounds, you get to travel and see new places… Who wouldn’t want to do that?!

However, journalism careers are also highly competitive. You need to always be on top of news, events and new technologies. A good leverage, if you aspire to become a journalist, is to hold a degree from a well-respected university. And universities in the UK include some of the world’s best at which to specialize in media and communications – as the latest QS World University Rankings by Subject show. Here are the top five universities in the UK in this subject area, based on the latest edition of the media and communication studies ranking.

1. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), London

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is ranked 1st in the UK and 2nd in the world (after the University of Wisconsin, US) for media and communication studies. The institution’s teaching in this field is focused at postgraduate level, with options including an MSc in Media and Communications, MSc/MA in Global Media and Communications, MSc in Media, Communication and Development, and MSc in Politics and Communication. The courses are highly research-based, and LSE prides itself on being one of the leading research universities in the UK. The Department of Media and Communications says it strives to achieve a deeper understanding of “changes in the media and communication environment as these shape, and are shaped by, complex socio-technical, political-economic, cultural and historical developments.”

2. City University London, London

City University London is ranked 2nd in the UK and 23rd in the world for media and communication studies. The university teaches a BA in Journalism, which offers an introduction to lots of different aspects of the sector, and a selection of specialized master’s programs. These include MA degrees in Investigative Journalism, Interactive Journalism, Financial Journalism, International Journalism, Science Journalism, Political Journalism, Magazine Journalism and others. The university prides itself on the employability of its journalism graduates; 96% of its 2010 MA journalism graduates were in employment or further study within six months of completing their course.

3. University of Westminster (UWE), London

Also based in the UK capital, the University of Westminster is ranked 3rd in the UK and 40th in the world for media and communication studies. It offers a wide range of courses in the field for both undergraduates and postgraduates. You can receive a BA specializing in Journalism, TV or Radio Production, Medical Journalism or Digital Media and Communications. If you already hold a diploma, but wish to further your skills and knowledge, the university offers an even larger selection of MA degrees, including courses in Multimedia Journalism (Broadcast or Print and Online), Global Media, Social Media, Media Management, International Media Business, and others.

Like the other top universities in the UK featured here, the University of Westminster has well-established connections within the media sector and its students have opportunities to meet guest lecturers. These include renowned media professionals, such as Deborah Davies (producer of documentaries for the BBC, Channel 4 and others), Torin Douglas (former BBC media correspondent), Clive Tyldesley (ITV lead football commentator) and many others .

4. Loughborough University, Loughborough

Loughborough University takes 4th place among universities in the UK and 48th in the world in the media and communication studies ranking. This highly respected university offers a BSc in Communication and Media Studies and a BSc in Media, Culture and Society, plus MA degrees in Digital Media and Society, Global Media and Cultural Industries, and Media and Cultural Analysis. Loughborough University is especially known as the training ground for many talented student athletes – so this could be a good choice for those interested in getting experience for sports journalism careers.

The university is located in the busy market town of Loughborough, in the county of Leicestershire, in the central part of England. It provides everything you could need as a student – restaurants, entertainment and plenty of nightlife – and is close to the cities of Nottingham, Leicester and Derby.

5. Cardiff University, Cardiff

Cardiff University is ranked 5th in the UK and within the world’s top 100 for media and communication studies. Located in the beautiful Welsh capital, the university offers another impressive selection of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in journalism. You can get a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, Journalism and Communications, Journalism, Media and English Literature or Journalism, Media and Sociology. At the higher level, MA journalism specializations include Broadcast, Newspaper, Magazine, International Journalism and many others. The university itself is the only member of the Russell Group of research-led universities in the UK to be located in Wales, and is a popular choice among international students.

All five of these universities in the UK have their strong sides. The best choice for you will depend on your study level, the type of location you want, and the specific type of journalism career you want to pursue. However, all five offer high quality education and the promise of a degree from a highly reputed institution, so whichever one you choose you can’t really go wrong!

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