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In the United States, there are typically 180 school days in a year (although school years at colleges and universities are often shorter). Private schools tend to have classes for 170 days each year, but sometimes have them more or fewer days.

  • or Break - Occurs at the end of November. This holiday usually consists of the week of Thanksgiving - the day before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day, and the day after.. Some areas have the Monday and Tuesday of the Thanksgiving week as regular days and take Wednesday as an early dismissal day; with Thanksgiving and the day after off. Other schools take the whole week off and have an early release on the Friday before break.
  • or Holiday Break - Varies in length per school; usually starts at the third Saturday in December and ends a day or two after New Year's Day (sometimes the first Monday after the New Year's Day), unless New Year's Day falls on a Sunday in which case the first Monday (January 2) is the official holiday and schools may not begin until January 3; the most recent occurrence of this was in the 2011-12 holiday break when January 1, 2012 fell on a Sunday. In the Southern hemisphere Christmas and the New Year are at the beginning of the long summer holiday.
  • - Martin Luther King Day is always on the third Monday of January each year. Some students have a full or half-day Friday and have the weekend, Martin Luther King day, and sometimes Tuesday off.
  • - Usually lasts for one or two weeks in March or April (often starting on Lazarus Saturday). Also referred to as Spring Break.
  • - Columbus Day is always the second Monday in October. Many schools take a week off, though some areas only take Columbus Day itself off. In some states, however, Columbus Day is not observed as a school holiday at all.
  • Autumn or Fall Break - Usually lasts for one week in October (in the week of Columbus Day). See Columbus Day above.
  • Winter Break - One week in February (usually at or around President's Day) or March (depending on the region).
  • or Break - See Easter Break above.
  • or Break - Lasts for about 12 weeks, starting anywhere from late May to late June, and ending anywhere from late August to the day after Labor Day in early September. This often depends on the region - for example, most schools in the Northeastern United States end in June and start just after Labor Day, while the majority of schools in the Southern U.S. have schools end in May and start again in August.
  • Teacher's Day off - Exists in some school districts, being two to three days at any time in school calendar
  • - Scheduled breaks for teachers to participate in in-season training or discussions, or to attend the state or national conventions held by a teacher's union.
  • All federal and state holidays - That includes religious holidays, such as Good Friday; and sometimes Jewish and Islamic holidays, depending on school demographic.
  • Snow days - (in regions where it snows in winter) - Usually is one or two days because of a snowstorm, but can last anywhere up to a full week.

Note: Often in Charter Schools breaks are shorter due to the extended number of days students spend in school (200 days vs. 180 days for standard public schools).

College breaks

Colleges and universities vary widely. Some closely follow the K-12 break schedule, others have the same but longer breaks to accommodate students who live farther away and wish to return home for holidays. Most colleges and universities have the following breaks/holidays:

  • Thanksgiving Holiday - End of November (The week of Thanksgiving - 3 days before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day, and the day after - the Friday before the break is considered a half-day).
  • Christmas/Holiday Break - mid-December to late January
  • - a week in March or April (usually starting on Good Friday)
  • Summer Break - Early/mid May to between late August and the day after Labor Day in September
  • Snow Days (In regions where it snows in winter) - usually a few days up to a full week, and no days to make up.

Most colleges and university years are divided into two semesters. The first starting from day after Labor Day in early September until mid-December, and the second lasting from the end of January until early May. Winter and summer classes could be taken in between the breaks.

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Summer holidays usually last from early July to end of August. The Chinese New Year is also a school holiday called winter holiday or winter break, which usually last 1 month.

Hong Kong[edit]

In Hong Kong summer holidays last from mid-July to the end of August. Christmas, Lunar New Year and Easter holidays last usually for one and a half weeks.

South India[edit]

In South india, summer vacations start in the last of April to beginning of June.

The Diwali break begins in either October or November, depending on the month Diwali occurs in that year. It lasts for about 1 week. Christmas break begins a few days before Christmas and lasts till the weekend after New Year (also known as winter vacations).

North India[edit]

In north india, the typical summer vacation runs from mid May to the end of June, school starting from July 1 usually.

Christmas holidays are not usually given, however, some schools combine the Christmas holidays with the winter break. Schools in Uttar Pradesh give a holiday on Charan Singh's birth anniversary, and that's when the winter break starts for some. For some other schools the winter break starts on 31st December, and usually end on the second weekend of the new year.

Schools get an off for two weeks after their academic year ends(contrary to the summer vacations between two academic years in the south.) The new academic year starts on first April.

Most of India[edit]

Certain Holidays and mandated across the Nation.

January 26 : Republic Day

August 15 : Independence Day

October 2 : Gandhi Jayanti (Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi )


In Indonesia, there are three main school holidays:

  • New school year holiday - known as libur kenaikan kelas (up-grading holiday), usually takes place for 2–3 weeks between late June and early July. Dates are vary, depending on each province/region. The holiday starts from Monday in the first week to Saturday in the last week.
  • Mid-term holiday, aims to separate the two semesters. It takes place for two weeks between late December and early January, coinciding with Christmas and New Year holidays. The starting and ending day are just like the new school year holiday.
  • (or lebaran holiday), lasts for around two weeks. Date varies according to the Islamic calendar.


In Japan, school holidays take place from late March to early April, from the late July until early September, and over the Christmas and New Year period from December 24 to January 7. Additionally there is a full holiday week in May called "Golden Week."


Summer vacations and winter vacations are usually similar in length, lasting about 1 month each. There is also spring vacation which lasts about 2 weeks. In addition, there are a couple of 3-5 day long holidays per year, including "Chuseok" which is in fall and "Seolnal" which is in late winter.


There are two main school holidays. The mid-year holidays last for two weeks, from late May until mid-June, in between the two school terms. The year-end holidays last for six weeks, from mid-November until early January, in between two school years. Each school term has a mid-term break; one week in March for the first semester and one week in September for the second semester.

Interesting facts:

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