Half term Dates May 2015

Term dates

(Add the school term dates to your personal calendar)

Schools may also choose to hold a teachers' in-service training day within term time (up to 5 days per year), so the date on which term ends, or starts, for pupils at different schools may change.

You should contact your child's school for their precise term dates.

Word versions for schools

Term time holidays: You should not take children on holiday during term time. If it is unavoidable you will need to get permission from the headteacher at your child's school.

Setting term dates

The Deregulation Act 2015 includes a provision which gives the governing bodies of community, voluntary controlled, community special schools, and maintained nursery schools in England the responsibility for setting their own school term and holiday dates. This provision will not be commenced. Local authorities will therefore continue to set the term dates for these schools.

We have already consulted on the term dates for 2015/2016, 2016/17 and 2017/18 for community and voluntary controlled schools. Parents/carers, teachers, transport and catering teams and other interested parties took part in the consultations, and therefore we remind community and voluntary controlled schools that they should continue to use these set term dates.

Academies, foundation schools and voluntary aided schools remain responsible for setting term dates for their school, and we encourage them to consider the implications for parents who may have other children who attend other schools in the area and set their term dates in good time.

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May half term 2015
May half term 2015
May 2015 Half Term Update Video
May 2015 Half Term Update Video
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