School Summer Break 2015

Summer Vacation Extended In Seattle As Public School Teachers Strike

Seattle Public School teachers walked off the job today. It was supposed to be the first day of school.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: What do we want?


UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: When do we want it?


CORNISH: This hasn't happened in Seattle in 30 years. And as you can hear, the teachers are striking over a contract dispute. Ann Dornfeld covers education for member station KUOW in Seattle and joins us now. And, Ann, to begin, just how big a deal is this?

ANN DORNFELD, BYLINE: There are about 5, 000 teachers and other school workers on picket lines all across the city. We have about 100 public schools in Seattle, 53, 000 students enrolled and also have to take into account all the parents who've had to find childcare on what would have been the first day of school or parents who've had to take off work to take care of their kids.

CORNISH: We mentioned the contract dispute, but what specifically drove the teachers to walk out?

DORNFELD: Well, the main issue is pay. The district says it's offered teachers a generous pay increase over the next few years, but teachers say that that is not nearly enough. They say they've waited through years of the economic downturn of not receiving cost-of-living adjustments or significant pay increases. The economy in Seattle is doing really well, and the state has just increased funding for districts in response to a state Supreme Court ruling that found the state was failing to do its part for public schools. With those extra millions, teachers say they deserve a decent raise given the work they put in and because the cost of living in Seattle has been skyrocketing in recent years.

Another issue related to pay is the district has proposed lengthening the school day for teachers. And the superintendent says longer school days are important to improve student learning and that Seattle has some of the shortest school days in the state. But teachers say that lengthening the school day needs to come with a commensurate pay increase. They say that while they often work without pay in the evenings and on weekends, it's not OK for the district to require them to do that.

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