Top English Schools

Top 10 Best Schools for English Majors

wikimedia.orgBoston University’s English department course offerings alone will leave you feeling giddy: “The Arts of Gender in Drama, Dance, Film and Theory, ” “History of the Novel” (bet you never thought of this before!) and “Representing Boston.” In fact, “Representing Boston” not only covers literature written in or focused on the city of Boston, but then students take trips throughout the city. The city itself becomes your “text.” That’s right. BU students turn the town into their literary oyster. If you’ve already started planning for your future, BU offers a one-year Master of Fine Arts program in creative writing after which graduates receive a year-long global fellowship to travel and write. If travel writing isn’t on your dream list already, you might want to add it. With reading, writing and exploring, BU offers bookworms the literary trinity.

bu.edu9. Emerson College

English at Emerson is housed under the writing, literature and publishing department, and focuses on preparing its students to succeed in the real world of literary arts. Yup, your career starts here. Emerson whips your writing into shape with its staff of full-time professionals and fully-trained graduate students in their Writing Resource Center. None of that peer-tutoring nonsense. And–plot twist–students actually have a say in the department. “The student government, as well as student organizations, often meet with the Chair to discuss the state of the department, ” said Professor John Skoyles, Associate Chair of the WLP Department at Emerson College.Emerson_College,_Boston_MA Emerson seeks to cut out the bureaucracy and red tape so you can annotate your Henry James novel in peace.

8. New York University

NYU’s faculty directory reads like a summer-blockbuster cast list: Jonathan Safran Foer, E.L. Doctorow, Colson Whitehead and Zadie Smith are just a few of the famous writers who could be teaching you. Needless to say, students are in good hands (read: famous, Pulitzer-Prize winning, talent-leaking-out-of-every-pore hands). The English department offers a major, a minor, a creative writing minor and an accelerated masters program–a literal smorgasbord of degrees. Creative writers have the additional resource of the Lillian Vernon Creative Writing House, a private location on NYU’s campus available for readings and workshops. It’s like the “English Majors ONLY!” treehouse you never had.

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