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No agreement, or Contract was signed by me to go to a so-called trucking school in another state. Through CR England I had an employment opportunity for Hire upon obtaining a Commercial Driver's License. I was told by the recruiter Danny that the company will Cover all cost for Training. I advised him that I've already obtained my commercial driving permit and I need to learn about the Tractor Trailers.

The company then sent me to Opelika Alabama on Greyhound bus for Training. June 28th 2015 I was taken to Magnuson Hotel. (Opelika Travelodge) 1002 Columbus Parkway Opelika AL 36801. On June/29th 2015 the next morning An old shuttle bus came to pick-up CR England employment recruits. When arriving to the Yard we were hustled into a trailer and given a lot of paperwork to sign with the company. In a small trailer packed with employment hopefuls. The profuse smell of urine and wet carpet from the co-ed restroom dominated the stifled air. Many students sitting and standing were told that we need to look over and sign by one of the employees of American Truck Driving Academy. A secretary came in with a cart full of manila folders and CR England trucking company paperwork. Another lady walked around to collect Driver's License, Social Security Cards and Birth Certificates.

Then the Classroom instructor Says "OK Guys and Gals, we have limited time. Who needs a pen. All of you need to look over and sign right after. This shouldn't take any more than ten minutes!" He explained that this is company policy for all Trainees to sign and date. There were about 6-8 papers handed out and we were to look over them and sign within ten Minutes. Those that were reading what they were signing and taking a little longer were stood in front of and hurried along like myself, from James and the two secretaries. I asked him if we'll receive copies and was given a Nod indicating yes.

As his eyes scanned the room, and everyone's personal Identification was being returned by the secretaries. He gave everyone a no cell phones on the Premises Speech. Only during your own time were we allowed to use our phones on the bus or hotel. I didn't sign any contractual agreement with American Truck Driving Academy. Only CR England for employment after training. The whole process was hurried and rushed out of the 36 people in the room no one got copies of anything.

We were told that we all have to hurry back onto the shuttle bus for drug testing and physicals. I was at this school for A total of 9 days and was taught nothing by example. Everything I learned was based On my own merit. I observed and attempted to imitate other students who understood somewhat. The second day was drug testing and physicals as well on June 30th 2015 with an hour to get there and 1 hour getting back. Nothing was in close proximity.

On the first of July 2015 was when the expected learning and training was supposed to start. After a 45 min rattled shuttle bus commute, the students were hurried into the narrow trailer for checkmark attendance. The secretary would say your name and students would say "Here". And already some students weren't. After attendance checks on July the 2nd 2015 I asked her if I could get copies of my (CR England Employment Agreement) And was told before Friday.

I was then confused as to what I was to do on a daily basis because of the lack of organization and structure. There were five rigs - two were 13 years old and the 3 tractor trailers on the yard were old and unsafe. 1992-1995 or older. There were no grips on the steering wheel of the rig used to alley dock. Peeling trailer tires. That week we were almost riding in rims. Most of the day consist of waiting to self-teach a maneuver after waiting to get a turn for 2 hours due to the high trainer/student ratio - 16-20 students to one instructor - because many students had been there for months.

No school on July 3rd 4th and 5th. We were brought back in on the July 6th 2015 and for more failed attempts to parallel park because the dirt and gravel gave no point of reference and neither did the instructors. Not only was the equipment poor and barely functional at American Truck Driving Academy 5018 US Highway 80 W Opelika, AL 36804 so were the instructors here's ** sleep. During road training, And the student driving almost had the trailer in a ditch. Other students had to correct him because our instructor was asleep. I thought we'd have an accident.

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C.R. England, Inc. is a West Valley City, Utah based refrigerated trucking and transportation company, one of the largest in the United States. The company is private, family-owned, and has expanded more than tenfold over the last 20 years. C.R. England offers a...

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