Lurgio Middle School Bedford NH

Saved By The Bell

This student-centered after school extra help group meets together every Monday-Thursday after school in the Lurgio Media Center.

Tutors including, but not limited to, students from Bedford High School, local universities, teachers and volunteers from the community have been recruited to offer extra help to 7th and 8th grade students experiencing difficulties.

Where will SAVED BY THE BELL take place?:

Ross A. Lurgio Middle School Media Center

Monday- Thursday: 3:15-4:30.

Students will be picked up NO LATER than 4:30pm.

What will be done at Saved By The Bell?:

Assistance with homework completion
Reading support
Math help
Study/ Organizational help


3:15-3:30 Check in and snack time

3:30-4:30 Individual work time

Who can be involved?:

7th/8th grade students

Students needing assistance to complete school assignments

Students referred by teachers

Students looking for a little extra help outside of teachers extra help sessions


Be respectful


Bring homework

Work hard


Do not disrupt others

THREE Strikes you are out

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