Bedford Central School District Closings

Saw Mill Club Preschool In Mt Kisco, NY

Saw Mill Preschool offers your child an array of engaging, educational experiences that stretch beyond our general curriculum. After the regular day has ended, children will have a special lunch date with their teachers in the classrooms to prepare for an activity-filled afternoon!

Each enrichment experience is lead by a dedicated teacher and is designed to provide a developmentally appropriate and stimulating learning experience for your child. Afternoon Enrichment provides a time when your child can work one on one with a teacher and teacher’s assistant.

Pre-School: 3–4 years old

This program follows the Bedford Central School District snow closings and school holidays:

Days: Monday through Thursday
Times: 12:00–3:00pm

Lunch & Play Program

A structured lunchtime is followed by playtime time activities. This program takes place in a classroom where children are free to explore a variety of manipulatives, puzzles and other traditional toys. This activity is lead by two of our childcare providers.

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