School term dates England

The dates of terms at West Berkshire schools

Academy, voluntary-aided and foundation schools set their own term dates - check with them directly to find out their dates.

Tip - click "Month" or "Week" in the top-right of the below window to see the term dates in a calendar format.

The West Berkshire term dates allow for one set inset day over and above the 190 pupil days. There are four additional inset days which schools are able to decide for themselves and these need to be outside specified pupil days. These agreed term dates provide a guide.

Sometimes a school may adjust the dates slightly due to specific circumstances - check with the school if a specific date is key to your plans, eg before making a holiday booking.

Setting School Term Dates

We've been informed by the DfE that the provision in the Deregulation Act that would have given maintained schools and nurseries the responsibility of setting their own term dates from September 2015 will not now be implemented.

Maintained schools have not been given the power to set their own term dates. West Berkshire Council remains responsible for setting dates for community and controlled schools.

Academies, foundation schools and voluntary aided schools remain responsible for setting term dates for their school, and we encourage them to consider the implications for parents who may have other children who attend their community or controlled partner schools.

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