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Continuing Education at Aquinas is designed to fit the real lives of adult students. Our undergraduate program for adult learners was specifically created with you in mind. Whether you would like to start a degree, finish a degree, earn an additional degree or take classes for personal enrichment, Aquinas is dedicated to meeting your needs.

From your first visit with us right up to graduation, you are assured of a quality learning experience at Aquinas. The whole college community is dedicated to the enrichment of its students, faculty and staff. Come visit us and begin to change your life!

Special pricing for new Continuing Education students taking their first course Fall 2015

Beginning in Fall 2015, new Continuing Education students will receive reduced tuition (50%) for their first three Aquinas College credits*. This includes students accepted as CE students who have never taken classes at Aquinas College OR previous CE students who have been re-admitted after an Aquinas enrollment gap of at least 2 years. The discount will be applied by the academic advisor at the time of registration.

Interesting facts:

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