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"Learning to live is the ultimate aim of all education - thus we guide our pupils towards their future through individual attention and careful academic planning, while teaching them to respect tradition and embrace innovation."

Institut auf dem Rosenberg has a unique approach to education. For years, the school has pioneered ways to educate children and young adults according to their individual abilities, talents as well as goals for the future – which helped it gain the reputation of being among the best international boarding schools in Switzerland, and the world.

Academics & Atmosphere at Institut auf dem Rosenberg

With only 300 students from across the world, Institut auf dem Rosenberg offers a warm and personal learning environment. Rosenberg’s academic variety is one of the big distinguishing factors to other Swiss international boarding schools: Students can choose between five different national academic systems - namely Swiss, German, Italian, US and UK systems - enabling each of the students to find the most suitable learning programme to prepare him or her for higher education. With an average class size of eight students, a vast team of educational professionals ensures that the teaching style at one of the best international boarding schools in Switzerland is focused on the individual, not the average.

The Institut's academic education is enriched by a diverse offering in extracurricular activities and workshops, whether in fields such as art and design, drama and music, media relations, presentation skills or interview techniques. There are many opportunities to practice teamwork, public speaking and leadership skills in protected environments such as the school's annual Rosenberg Ball.

A Taste of International Boarding School Life in Switzerland – Summer & Winter Experience

Institut auf dem Rosenberg also offers carefully designed and themed summer and winter courses for children, young adults as well as parents, combining languages with diverse fields of interest (visit the boarding school’s own summer and winter course brand

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The 28 CAIS Boarding Schools provide students with the essential skills required to be successful in today’s shifting global economy. Students are able to develop life-long relationships with friends from around the world, while being given the confidence to figure...

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