Music Education in England

Music Education in England: a review by Darren Henley for the

Many children in England benefit from excellent music teaching from excellent teachers. In some parts of the country, the opportunities for children to take part in musical activities are immense. However, some children in England do not currently receive an adequate, let alone good, Music Education.

This Review lays down recommendations for minimum expectations of what any child going through the English school system should receive in terms of an education in music.

It also outlines a national plan, which describes the expectations of how Music Education should develop over the coming years - this section of recommendations is designed to ensure that patchiness is replaced by consistency, so that children are able to enjoy the same level of Music Education, no matter where in England they happen to live.


  • Introduction
  • The Music Education Landscape Today
  • A Vision for Music Education in England
  • A National Plan
  • Local Delivery
  • Youth Music
  • Supporting Excellence at the Highest Level
  • The Workforce
  • Making Music Easier for Parents and Carers
  • Further Areas of Development
  • Summary of Recommendations

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