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After reading Elie Wiesel’s Night, Richmond Senior High Schooler Araya Williams sent a letter to the celebrated writer, explaining how the events that transpired within the novella made her think about changes she should be making within her own life.

Wiesel wrote back.

The Nobel Laureate thanked her for her thoughtful letter, explaining he always “enjoys hearing from young people.”

Thanks to Mrs. O’Neil’s English II Honors Class, Williams was able to read Wiesel’s work for the fourth time this year. She said this time around allowed her to understand “the book better and [take] more heed towards its significance.”

“Night shows the potential evil humans have as well as the strength, passion and faith some of the the Holocaust survivors developed or even began with, ” said Williams. “If you have not read his book, you should.”

In just over 100 pages, Wiesel’s Night discusses the experiences he and his father faced while in a Nazi German concentration camp during the height of the Holocaust.

Interesting facts:

Ian Parry (1965 – 28 December 1989) was a British photographer and photojournalist who worked as a freelance and on assignment for newspapers including The Mail on Sunday, The Times and The Sunday Times. He was killed at the age of 24 in an aircraft crash in Romania...

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