What is a secondary level school?

Secondary Level

Instructional classroom management: A proactive approach to behavior management

This comprehensive book presents a proactive behavior management system for decreasing behavior problems in the classroom and the school, plus a full range of strategies for correcting disruptive behavior once it has occurred. Coverage is based on the authors' belief that effective management strategies for any age or ability level must begin with an instructional analysis of the problem and be followed with a solution grounded in instructional principles and built on solid research.

An Experimental Evaluation of Positive Behavior Support in a Community Preschool Program

Athough positive behavior support (PBS) has been established as an effective approach for resolving the challenging behaviors of many populations, little research has evaluated PBS with children under the age of 4 years. In addition, few studies have considered the effectiveness of PBS delivered via consultation in typical childcare and preschool settings. This study was conducted to examine the effects of PBS implemented by typical classroom staff for two 3-year-old girls in a community-based preschool accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Within the context of A-B-A-B designs, the data indicated reductions in challenging behaviors and increases in engagement for both girls in two separate group contexts. Fidelity data indicated that some components of the PBS plans were implemented but others were not. The findings support the efficacy of PBS with young children in natural settings while raising questions for future research regarding the utilization and efficiency of PBS support plans.

Check In Check Out: A Targeted Intervention (PBIS in Costa Mesa, CA)

The presentation was made to provide information on 1) the logic and core features of Targeted Interventions, and the specifics of the Check-in/Check-out (CICO) approach, 2) empirical evidence supporting CICO, and practical examples from local schools, and 3) self-assess strategies if CICO is appropriate for your school.

Interesting facts:

Sree Rama Varma High School (Malayalam: ശ്രീ രാമവര്‍മ്മ ഹൈസ്കൂള്‍, officially Sree Rama Varma Govt Model Higher Secondary School, popularly known as SRV High School) is the largest government-owned school in Kochi, Kerala, India. It was founded by the Kochi Royal...

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