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You made the learning fun and it was at a suitable level for their stage of development. We extended some of the activities after we got back – using the torches to explore dark and light and playing with the shadow puppets.
– Teacher, Ann Bernadt

We offer free artist-led workshops for primary schools and nurseries, catering for all ages and abilities. Bespoke workshops and projects are developed alongside teachers to provide meaningful learning experiences for students.

With early years groups, we adopt a hands-on play-based approach to workshops. Outside of the classroom, children explore new situations, learning how to interact with new people and spaces. Short activities encourage children to follow their curiosity and to engage in creative play.

Pupils from Ann Bernadt Nursery explored the gallery on a journey through light and dark spaces, using torches to make shadows and projections. Back in the art studio, we worked with artist Helen Rousseau, playing with scale and performing to music on our giant-sized piano.

The children have all benefited from the sessions in different ways and have really enjoyed their time with you. The adults have also enjoyed the sessions and learnt a great deal too.
– Teacher, Ann Bernadt

Bessemer Grange Primary Year 1 Class explored Stephen Willats’ exhibition; pupils worked together to explore means of documentation, discovering outside garden spaces at the gallery through making rubbings, sun prints as a form of photographic image, and drawings.

Interesting facts:

Burrows School was a primary school located in Stockwell, south London from 1963-1989. After the school's closure, the building remained empty for many years, before becoming the Lansdowne School.

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