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All Girls School – Why I Chose

Chatham Hall is about the whole girl—intellectual, moral, athletic, and spiritual. No other school has the blend of academics, honor code, athletic competitiveness, and spiritual tradition in a small school, which ensures that every student’s voice is heard, and develops, every day.

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Why boarding school?

I chose to go to boarding school because I had gotten tired of the usual flow of everything at home. I wanted to get away from what was “usual” and make a choice that would open me up to new experiences, adventures, cultures, and people. I was ready for a change, which is what brought me to look at Chatham Hall.

Boarding school gives you a sense of independence that most people don’t get until they go off to college or become adults. Even something as simple as doing your own laundry gives you a sense of independence that excites you and makes you more prepared for whatever life will throw at you.

Why an all-girls school?

At an all-girls school, I don’t have to worry about so many things at once. Instead of flirting, touching up on lip gloss, and passing notes to guys during class, I can just concentrate. Girls at co-ed schools have so much more to deal with; I can just relax and actually understand what I am learning.

At an all-girls school, no one expects the boys to be better than you. None of the boys are surprised when you get a better grade than they do or are appalled when the teacher likes your paper more, because those boys don’t exist. The teachers all believe that girls are capable of learning and making a difference, or else they wouldn’t be here.

Why Chatham Hall?

It is rare in someone’s life when they feel like they have made a decision that has changed them, but making the decision to come to Chatham Hall has definitely changed me. I am so much more well-rounded, have met some of the greatest people I know, and have made some incredible memories already.

I have had the opportunity to play two new sports, take dance classes, become class president, concentrate more with art, join some crazy clubs, enjoy classes I never would have been expected to take back at home, and my freshman year isn’t even over yet.

The people at Chatham Hall are some of the greatest I know. The honor code is incredibly unique, creating a trusting and carefree environment. Instead of constantly worrying about your laptop that you left sitting in the library or that the person next to you during a test is taking your answers, you can just trust that others will do the right thing. And here, there is no doubt that they will.

Going to a boarding school is a great opportunity for students who want to take charge of their education. To be successful on your own, you have to take your school work seriously.

When you go away to school, you have to become independent and more responsible, which causes a lot of people to grow. While being away from home is fun and exciting, it can also be hard. It definitely takes a certain kind of self driven student to thrive at a boarding school. If you feel like you’re not being challenged at a regular school, going to boarding school can be a great way to reach your potential.

Being at an all-girls school is a very different experience from regular high schools. Without the distraction of boys, it’s a lot easier to focus on school and friends. There’s no boy-related drama, and you can focus on being yourself. But, more importantly, all of the girls here are close in a way that isn’t seen at normal (co-ed) schools. When you learn andlive with other girls, you’re able to form amazing friendships.

Why Chatham Hall?

Chatham Hall is a very unique school. It’s small, so you get lots of attention, and you can get really close to your teachers. Everyone participates in so many activities, which means that every person really contributes to the community and makes a difference. The active community is what i’ve appreciated the most here.

There’s no way to feel lost in the crowd—everyone knows you, and you know everybody. It starts feeling like home really quickly.

As parents, boarding school was not something that we had even discussed relative to our own daughter. It was not until she expressed serious interest in attending boarding school as a possible avenue for her high school education that we had any real discussion on this topic.

After getting over the shock that our only child wanted to live away from home and attend high school, we really researched and discussed the pros and cons. Ultimately, it boiled down to providing the following benefits to our daughter:

  • She would have the opportunity to explore her independence, maturity, and responsibility to a greater degree than she would living at home.
  • She would have the ability to explore a wider range of extracurricular activities than she would have access to when living at home, because everything is centrally located. Living on campus eliminates the time spent carpooling from one event or practice to another.
  • She would have better access to teachers while pursuing a challenging curriculum and a more personalized college counseling environment.

We read the numerous articles on why an all-girls school is better for young women: girls learn differently than boys, leadership roles are more available, and there are less distractions. This sounded great, but it was hard to reconcile when you have no basis to compare.

The defining moment for us came during our visit to Chatham Hall where we had the opportunity to attend a chemistry class at 8 a.m. The girls arrived to class on time with no make-up and no chatter. To our astonishment, several students stood up and began immediately working and explaining chemistry problems to their fellow students. Neither of us thought we would see that level of focus in a coed school.

Interesting facts:

Ribét Academy College Preparatory is a private independent boarding school for boys and girls from pre-school through twelfth grade located in Los Angeles, California. The school is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Accrediting...

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