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British summer holidays guide

Remember last summer? Remember that sun? It’s difficult to imagine right now, I know, but for many people who took a summer holiday in Britain last year it was truly glorious. The million-pound question is: will it do it again?

As we can never know the answer until it’s too late and we are on the beach, splayed out blissfully on a towel/huddled miserably under a windbreak (delete as applicable), perhaps a more pertinent question is: why take a summer holiday in at all?

Several reasons spring immediately to mind. When the weather is lovely in this country, you feel almost tearful with gratitude. It elevates the everyday. And you don’t get that in South Beach, Miami. Also, anyone who has seen the vast sandflats and huge skies of, or the rugged, or the pretty little Victorian resorts of South, the rolling downs of the or the subtropical knows that we can give any landscape in the world a run for its money, if on a cosier, more domestic scale. Our surf, while not Hawaiian, is complex and subtle. Plus nobody else can do fish and chips or a decent cup of tea.

Torbay, in Devon: the advent of summer reminds us that Britain is full of beautiful sights.


It’s true that, ever since somebody threw the meteorology rule book out of the window some years ago, we have been flummoxed by hot springs, wet summers, warm winters and glorious autumns, sometimes the other way around, and sometimes all four in a single day. But we are now much better at dealing with the situation. The penny has finally dropped that a variegated climate demands a variegated holiday offering, and most British destinations have stepped up to the plate.

In no other country will you find fish and chips like those available in Britain.

VisitEngland/Andrew Marshall

Hotels are less formal, families are more welcome, food is miles better and everything from beds to bathrooms has improved beyond belief. Hotels may serve separate meals for children or families if required, b & bs have twigged that not everyone wants five million calories before 9am, often supplying tables loaded with fruit and organic cereals, while walkers find packed lunches and luggage-carrying all part of the service, for a small fee. As for camping, it’s almost unrecognisable, thanks to the designer comforts of .

We are freer than ever to enjoy the wonders of our own country, from beaches and wildlife sanctuaries to cathedrals and cliff walks, from art galleries and farmers’ markets to sculpture gardens, stately homes and adventure parks high up in the trees. And guess what – lots of it is under cover. The golden rule is to stay outside when it’s lovely and save the other stuff for when it’s not. A friend of mine says that with British holidays you have to stick at it to get your reward.

Interesting facts:

The Queen Mother Champion Chase is a Grade 1 National Hunt chase in Great Britain which is open to horses aged five years or older. It is run on the Old Course at Cheltenham over a distance of about 2 miles (3,219 metres), and during its running there are twelve...

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