How to start a boarding School?

Starting an Independent Boarding School

If you want to start an independent boarding school, you need to finish a degree in education. Having enough knowledge in the industry can put you at an advantage. The hardest part would be to secure a license or accreditation.

Create a plan of action. You will need to conduct an extensive research about how to start a boarding school.

Do you have the passion for teaching? If you do, then perhaps you’ve already finished a degree in education. Putting up a boarding school like that from the movie Harry Potter can be challenging. Boarding schools are usually located in a remote place so that students will be able to learn effectively. You will need a building for the dormitory, the classrooms, canteens, restrooms, faculty rooms, etc. This is a serious undertaking and you need to be prepared to do some hard work. The hardest part would be to secure a license or accreditation. Parents will want to send their children to a school that is accredited and if your boarding school is not accredited, you will not get any recommendations at all.

Create a plan of action. You will need to conduct an extensive research about how to start a boarding school. Find boarding schools near you and talk to their founders or heads. You don’t have to tell them that you’re going to put up your own school someday because you will be seen as a competitor. You can also use the internet to gather relevant information. Once you’ve gathered enough data, you can now compile them and do your market analysis.

Other Things to Consider

Your boarding school should meet a need and if you think that you can generate income from this type of business, go ahead and give it a shot. Funding is easy if you can create a comprehensive business plan. Once you have the fund, you can now find an ideal location for the boarding school. The school should provide for all the needs of the students. This will include providing activities to entertain the students so that they will not get bored. You will need to hire qualified professionals since it would be impossible to handle all the tasks on your own.

You can begin with only a few students and if you see great results, you can add more students in the next school year. Your plan should already cover the different aspects of the boarding school like fundraising activities, how to attract clients, analysis of teaching methods, and many others. A boarding school is no joke. You should be willing to invest a lot of effort, time, and money. If the boarding school is accredited, you’re in luck. Advertise your independent boarding school online and locally. Soon, you will get reservations and you will see students walking, talking, and learning in your very own school!

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Sandroyd School is an independent co-educational preparatory school for both day and boarding pupils in Rushmore Park, near the village of Tollard Royal in Wiltshire.
Sandroyd School was originally established by the Reverend Louis Herbert Wellesley Wesley as a...

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