Bedford Athletics Rugby Club

Junior Blues

The Bedford Junior Blues Rugby Club has been providing rugby for children aged 6-17 years old for over 30 years. Being a member of the Junior Blues builds lifelong friendships for the future.

The mini section of the club provides rugby for children ranging from under 7 to under 12 and the junior section rugby for children from under 13 to under 17. The coaches and committee members are all volunteers who have a keen interest in rugby, and in many cases, whose children have become rugby players.

Although the Junior Blues play their rugby at the home ground of Bedford Athletic Rugby Club in Wentworth Drive, they are linked to the senior club at Bedford Blues in Goldington Road, Bedford. As a member of the Junior Blues the children are given free entry into the homes games at Goldington Road. The junior section also provides ball boys for all of the Bedford Blues games at Goldington Road.

Interesting facts:

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