When is Easter in England

Easter Sunday in United Kingdom

Easter MondayEaster eggs are a popular treat for children on Easter Sunday.Easter eggs are a popular treat for children on Easter Long

What Do People Do?

People who regularly attend church often attend special services on Easter Sunday. These may be longer or more elaborate than on other Sundays. In churches, it is generally a festive occasion with an emphasis on the dawn of a new life. In Battersea Park in London, there is a large Easter parade.

Easter is an important time for the confectionery industry. In the United Kingdom, Easter eggs are often large hollow chocolate eggs filled with bonbons or other candy. The eggs are covered in decorative foil and packaged in elaborate boxes.

Many people celebrate Easter Sunday by decorating, exchanging or searching for eggs. The eggs may be fresh or boiled eggs laid by chickens or other birds, chocolate eggs or eggs made of other materials. Many children believe that the Easter bunny or rabbit comes to their house or garden to hide eggs. They may search for these eggs or find that the Easter bunny has left them in an obvious place.

Some businesses and attractions hold Easter egg hunts. These can be competitions to see who can collect the most eggs. In some parts of the United Kingdom, people roll hard boiled down slopes. In other places, there is a game in which people roll hard boiled eggs against other peoples' eggs. The winner is the person whose egg remains whole. After the game, the eggs are eaten. In some parts of Scotland, fondant filled chocolate eggs about the size of a hen's egg are covered in batter and deep fried.

Public Life

On Easter Sunday nearly all non-essential businesses and organizations are closed. In England and Wales, stores are also closed. In Scotland, they are allowed to open. Public transport systems may run on a different schedule from other Sundays. In some areas there may be no public transport.

Background and symbols

Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after the vernal equinox. For many people, Easter marks the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. However, many of the origins of the customs around Easter originate in the pagan beliefs held by the inhabitants of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland before they were converted to Christianity.

About Easter Sunday in other countries

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Easter Sunday Observances

Weekday Date Year Name Holiday Type Where It is Observed Sun Apr 4 2010 Easter Sunday Christian Sun Apr 24 2011 Easter Sunday Christian Sun Apr 8 2012 Easter Sunday Christian Sun Mar 31 2013 Easter Sunday Christian Sun Apr 20 2014 Easter Sunday Christian Sun Apr 5 2015 Easter Sunday Christian Sun Mar 27 2016 Easter Sunday Christian Sun Apr 16 2017 Easter Sunday Christian Sun Apr 1 2018 Easter Sunday Christian Sun Apr 21 2019 Easter Sunday Christian Sun Apr 12 2020 Easter Sunday

Interesting facts:

The Feast of the Annunciation is a Chirstian feast day held on March 25.
In the Catholic Church, Anglican, and Lutheran liturgical calendars, the feast is moved if necessary to prevent it from falling during Holy Week or Easter Week or on a Sunday. To avoid a Sunday...

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