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Since its establishment in 1972, Music at UNE very rapidly built a history of excellence both in teaching and research. Its commitment to nurturing individuality to enable students to reach their full potential has remained its greatest strength. The discipline of Music is administratively located within the School of Arts at the University of New England in Armidale, one of Australia's richest rural music communities. UNE Music is also Australia's premiere provider of online undergraduate tertiary music studies. We specialise in flexible and innovative approaches to online music study.

How do I apply to study Music at UNE?

You must apply online for admission to our Music degrees. All applicants wishing to enrol in the Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Education (Secondary Music) or must undertake an audition. As part of the online application process, you will be prompted to fill out an audition application form. Following the submission of your application, you will be contacted with further information including the submission date for your audition materials.

Please refer to the important dates web page for admission opening and closing dates.

  • Auditions are undertaken via distance and applicants are required to submit their audition materials electronically or by post. To obtain further information about the audition process, please visit our AUDITIONS webpage.

Why study Music at UNE?

UNE Music is Australia's premiere provider of online undergraduate tertiary music studies. Our Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Arts (Music) and Bachelor of Education (Secondary Music) programs provide students with comprehensive music training in an online environment. Students build creative music-making skills in song writing, composition, performance and music technology while developing a thorough knowledge of music genres via the study of popular music, musicology and ethnomusicology. The program also fosters advanced skills in aural and harmony. Throughout their degree students produce a creative and/or research portfolio to enable them to showcase their abilities as they transition into professional careers in the creative industries and education sectors. Graduates of the program are independent, skilled musicians who have established their own creative practices and research methodologies. On completion of the degree, pathways to further study include continuing on to honours and graduate research degrees or graduate degrees in education to pursue careers in primary and secondary music teaching.


UNE Music programs foster independence, preparing students for the challenges of today's creative and performing arts industries. Our students typically move on to careers in: independent music practice (performance, composition or music production), studio music teaching, broadcasting, marketing, arts administration, community arts leadership and commercial music organisations.

Pathways exist for students to complete a Bachelor of Music and then progress to a postgraduate teaching qualification. Many musicians choose to combine a variety of musical activities in their careers by managing their own music businesses. For example, graduates may work simultaneously as freelance performers or composers while also teaching private instrumental lessons or running community music ensembles.

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