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Long before it’s time to apply for a job in their field, today’s student needs to start building a resume and/or research further education options. The resumes and veterinary school applications which will no doubt receive the most attention are those with relevant, practical experience. Aside from labs at the Witter Center or field trips to various ag-related operations, perhaps the best way to gain experience is through part-time work, cooperative education or internships.

The University of Maine has a Career Center to assist students with job searches, resume preparation and interviewing techniques. Early in their programs, students are encouraged to search the web and other sources for animal related careers. This allows them to tailor their classes toward what they see as career growth areas or tune in on a field that satisfies their personal preferences. Those enrolled with a Pre-Veterinary Studies concentration are assisted in veterinary school searches and application by their academic advisors. Our faculty members have varied areas of expertise and industry contacts and should be used as a source of career information and advice.

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