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Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships and Bursaries

The School's Scholarship and Bursary scheme is designed to identify boys of outstanding talent, to nurture that talent and to give them access to a Bedford education regardless of means.

Academic, Music, Sport (including Golf) Scholarships are available to boys at 13+ and 16+. All-Round scholarships may also be awarded to candidates who fall short of a scholarship in one area alone, but exhibit a high level of ability in at least two from Academic, Music or Sport scholarship applications and/or other particular strengths. It is possible for boys to apply for more than one Scholarship.

All successful scholarship candidates receive up to a maximum of 10% remission on fees. Any amount required beyond this is awarded on a means tested basis through the Bursary scheme.

A number of bursary awards are available at 11+ 13+ and 16+ to parents of boys with significant academic, music, sporting potential, who would otherwise be unable to afford the fees. All awards are means-tested but bursaries of up to 100% of school fees are possible. Each boy's academic, music, sporting or other recognised talent is tested as appropriate, together with a formal interview.

Bedford School Trust Awards
At trustees’ discretion, awards may be given by the Bedford School Trust to either supplement means tested awards or to give higher awards to boys of exceptional ability.

Applying for Bursaries & Scholarships
All boys applying for a Scholarship and/or Bursary must be registered with the School and submit the relevant application form/s. All candidates must also fulfill the school's academic requirements and have the ability to cope with the School curriculum.

Following the School entrance exam and review of application forms, selected applicants are invited to attend additional specific assessments to test their potential. Please note: the submission of an application for a scholarship does not guarantee an invitation for the second stage of the application process. Full details of the assessment programme are forwarded to families well in advance of the assessment day(s).

Applications for Scholarships must be received by the Admissions Department by 31st December 2013 and Bursaries by 18 Please note: the school is unable to consider any boy for a scholarship or award outside of the allocated timescale. All decisions on awards and scholarships are made in early February each year with the award commencing in the following September.

Bedford School’s GCSE Excellence

Bedford School is celebrating excellent GCSE results once again. Over 60% of exams were awarded A* or A Grades, with 27 boys achieving eight A* grades or more. Of these, 12 achieved 10 or more A* grades: the Lamb twins, Christopher and Edward, managed 20 between them! Head Master, James Hodgson, said “I am delighted

Bedford School’s Sixth Form Success

Bedford School is delighted to announce excellent Sixth Form exam results for 2015, with over 78% of all leavers’ exams being marked at A*-B (or IB equivalent), with 48% at A*-A. James Winder achieved A*AA to take up his place to read Geography at St Catherine’s College, Oxford, where he will also continue a promising

Bedford Receive an Extraordinary Legacy

Bedford School’s new theatre is to go ahead, with work starting within the month, thanks in part to an extraordinary act of generosity from one its former pupils. The School was recently informed that the late Brian Saville, who was at the School between 1940 and 1948, and who died after a long illness in

Bedford Boys Iceland Adventure

Twenty seven Bedford School boys and their teachers enjoyed a fantastic Geography Field Trip to Southern Iceland over the half term break. In their exploration of human, glacial, fluvial and tectonic environments, the boys climbed an active volcano and cooked their lunch using the earth’s heat, climbed a glacier with crampons and ice axes, swam

Bedford Lecture by Cobra Beers Founder

Boys at Bedford School were delighted to welcome Lord Karan Bilimoria as the latest speaker in Bedford School Ashdown lecture series. The founder of Cobra Beers and cross-bench life peer gave the boys a fascinating and very personal insight into the world of business and entrepreneurship as he shared his experiences with them on Tuesday

Bedford Boys Stone Carving

Boys from Bedford Prep School were delighted to welcome sculptor, Mo Gardner on Thursday 17th October. The sculptor spent the morning with boys from Y8, instructing and guiding them on the art of carving figure-heads from stone. Initially, using clay, boys learned the dynamics of creating features of the human face from a block. Once

Bedford Boys

Bedford Prep’s Y3 boys enjoyed a hands-on, practical workshop in archaeology, designed and delivered by archaeologist, Dr Catherine Parker Heath. In the fun session the boys learnt about how archaeologists study the past by looking at the remains people leave behind. The boys then got to carry out their own excavations with sand trays (trenches)

Bedford Seven Selected for East Midlands Rugy!

We are delighted to announce that an astounding seven Bedford School boys have been selected for the East Midlands U16 squad. George Cave, Simon Beal, Oli Burgess, Charlie Clarke, Jake Carter, John Hunt and Dave Hickey will join forces with young rugby players from across the region for the first of three Midlands and England

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