professional look

A professional look at safety magnetic stirrups

Firstly, Ophena safety stirrups have a very beautiful and unique design that sets them apart from the millions of other stirrups on the market. You are presented with two stylish colors to choose from – gray and black onyx.

The second and rather important plus is strength and lightness. You can always be sure of your safety at tournaments and at home. Success consists, among other things, of well-chosen ammunition, even such trifles as stirrups. Each of your workouts, especially jumping, the magnetic safety stirrups carry a very heavy load and, accordingly, they must be strong enough, but at the same time light, so that the rider is comfortable working with his foot, and nothing interferes with him. Magnetic safety stirrups will never let you down in training and competition. Each batch of magnetic safety stirrups is tested before release.

Comfort and clamminess

The design of these magnetic safety stirrups is made in such a way that the rider will ride comfortably without any inconvenience. If it takes you a long time to attach and detach stirrups from the saddle, you should pay attention to patented Smart Attach technology. You just need to thread the metal buckle of the leather stirrup over the double space of the stirrup without removing the leather straps from the saddle. This will save both your time and the skin of the restraints. Best of all: Ophena magnetic safety stirrups can still be lifted and attached to the top of the saddle when not in use.

How to order the best magnetic safety stirrups?

You choose the unit you need (model and color), add it into the cart, pay and wait for your parcel, which will arrive very soon. Plus you get a 60-day warranty. Is not that great?

Image by Uki_71 from Pixabay

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