Who is an engineer?

Photo by Pixabay.com

Engineer is a specialist with higher technical education, involved in the process of creating and using a variety of devices needed in industrial production. The specialists of this profession works on the project of creating devices that provide testing of work, monitor their further exploitation. No production is complete without an engineer. There is no emergence of new items of daily demand, as well as technically complex structures without his participation.

Specialty depends on the scope of the professional. All this allows people to choose the direction that they like best. If there are abilities to exact sciences, they can be applied, having received a profession of the engineer, and to work in the following specialties: design engineer; process engineer; engineer-economist; water pump maintenance; design engineer; software engineer; mechanical engineer; civil engineer; dab water pump service. This is the most popular specialization of the engineering profession, but the list is not complete. It should be noted that there is a significant difference, for example, between a design engineer and a technical engineer.

The main operation of the engineer is the active participation of the engineering process, so one of the main qualities of the future specialist is interest and love for technology. In addition, leadership qualities are important, since the engineer occupies a senior position at the enterprise and there are people in his subordination who provide certain processes in production. It is also necessary to have initiative, to be able to think not only mathematically, but also creatively. An engineer will also need such qualities of character as perseverance, diligence, responsibility and discipline.

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