The OBM Club was founded in 1892 to enable members to maintain and enjoy the friendships made in their schooldays, and to promote the welfare of the School. All OBMs and former staff who so wish are eligible for Club membership, at no charge. Current staff are Club members whilst at the School. The Club has around 4,500 members, who are kept in contact with their contemporaries through an illustrated magazine, Eagle News, which is posted in January and May. It contains (amongst other things) details of the Club’s social activities, news of the School, an obituary section, and ‘Memory Stir’, to which all OBMs are welcome to contribute. Advance details (and reports) of sporting events are also included.

The London Lunch will be held on Friday 6 March 2015 at Merchant Taylors' Hall. The Founder’s Dinner is held at the School on the evening of the last day of term, in early July. The Club’s Annual General Meeting takes place prior to the Dinner. There is a Christmas Lunch at the School, on the Saturday following the last day of the Autumn term. All OBMs are welcome to book for these events. Spouses/partners are welcome at the Founder's Dinner and Christmas Lunch.

Please let us have your views and items of OBM interest for inclusion on the website.

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