Toddlers development: a role of educational toys in the upbringing

Toddler’s development: a role of educational toys in the upbringing

Early age is the most sensitive period in the life of your child. It is characterized by rapid changes in physical, linguistic, social and emotional development. Significant, decisive brain development occurs before the child reaches six – seven years, and especially in the first three years of life, when the main neural connections are formed. Poor care, deprivation and lack of attention negatively affect the child and traumatize him.

If the upbringing and education of preschool children is organized correctly, the child’s basic personality qualities are formed in a timely manner (thinking, memory, attention, imagination and speech). It allows the child to successfully study not only in primary school, but also in the subsequent stages of development. In other words, everything we receive at preschool age influences our future life.

A lot of parents use different educational toys for better development of their child. Wooden toys for toddlers develop imagination, memory, fantasy, logic, thinking. Kids develop motor skills, learn colors, preschoolers learn letters, numbers.

Such toys suggest the child solving different problems, which are located from simple to complex ones. Moreover, the tasks are different and the solutions are different. In addition, many tasks are slightly ahead of the child’s abilities. Therefore, developing toys contribute to the intellectual, musical, creative development of the baby.

When choosing, you must take into account the age of the baby. A three-year-old baby should not have a toy intended for a child of five years – it will be too difficult for the baby, he will lose interest. A child of six years will not be interested in a toy intended for a child of four years.

In addition, it is worth considering the interests of the children. Someone likes to construct, someone to put together cubes, and someone is very interested in sets for creativity. Of course, it is necessary to develop comprehensively, but it is not worth imposing a game that is not interesting for a child.

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