New transport to school

New transport to school

What can you use to get to school, besides the bus and metro? Of course, something fast, fashionable and beautiful! Over the past decades, the market for various vehicles has expanded significantly.

Fatbike is another type of transport that is rapidly gaining popularity. This is a bike that differs from the usual one in the presence of thick tires. Thanks to this design feature and the reduced tire pressure, the fat bike can safely ride on sand, ice and snow. By the way, you can see this bike more often in winter. Due to the thickened wheels and a reinforced frame, the weight of the fat bike ranges from 14 to 25 kg. More information on In addition, a fat bike can be made more technologically advanced by adding an electric motor to it. This makes the fat bike a hybrid bike that can be used all year round.

Photo by Himiway Bikes on Unsplash

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