Success starts with a smile on the school album

Success starts with a smile on the school album

Smiling can reconcile often incompatible things like career advancement and a happy marriage. Scientists cite a study from the University of Berkeley, California. It lasted 30 years. The starting point for it was an old graduation album. The researchers closely followed the life of the graduates. It is not difficult to guess that those of them who smiled in graduation photos (of course, not forcedly, but broadly and openly), were happy in marriage, managed to achieve influence on others, and otherwise they had complete order.

Maybe you are unhappy with your smile? If you are not smiling heartily, the reason may be just aesthetic and, fortunately, fixable for Dentist in Crawley. Everyone has their own ideas about beauty and their own experiences and fears. Perhaps it seems to you that your teeth are not straight enough, or not large enough, or their shape is not the same as you would like. You may not like the color or gaps between your teeth, or the look of your gums. Someone may be worried about changes in enamel. But you never know what else. Do not deprive yourself of a smile, go for it!

Step one, fundamental: to understand what exactly does not suit you – the position, shape or color of the teeth, the type of gums? If you feel disharmony but cannot clearly identify the cause, you can discuss it with your dentist.

In order for the final result to pleasantly surprise you, you will be offered to make a sketch of a smile. At the consultation, the doctor will discuss with you what can be changed in the smile, and at the next meeting you will try on a sketch model of the smile. In the mirror and on the monitor screen, you will see how your new smile might look.

Image by Naassom Azevedo from Pixabay

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