How to look great passing the exam: interesting tips

How to look great passing the exam: interesting tips

Any exam, an entrance test at the university, requires careful preparation. This is not only a solid foundation of knowledge, but also a certain dress code. Usually some people advise you to come to exams in the classic office-business style, according to the rule “white top – black bottom”. This may seem boring – after all, times are changing, and now even in the largest companies with a worldwide reputation, you can not adhere to one style. The fact is that 21st century fashion is democratic and mixes different trends, catering to everyone at once.

The main rule of your perfect image in the exam is clothing in soothing colors (white, black, gray, blue, pastel, etc.) and classic silhouettes.

Do not forget about shoes. It’s not necessary to rush to buy classic shoes if you don’t have them. Both boys and girls will wear simple sneakers (forget for a while about acid trendy sneakers from popular brands).

A shirt with a short sleeve in combination with a gentleman’s steve harvey suits are unbanal and comfortable.

Classic dark suits can diversify appearance with a light shirt or even a t-shirt with prints or patterns.

This season, designers are betting on sport chic and come up with new variations of a bomber jacket. Some of them resemble the jacket as much as possible, especially the models fitting the figure from fabrics atypical for sportswear. Such a bomber jacket with trousers or dark jeans can be an alternative to a suit.

Some of you probably would like to become an actor, director, designer. You will take a creative exam. For such creative natures, we suggest following the call of the heart and not be afraid to color the image: wear, for example, a colored shirt with a matching tie in combination with jeans or light trousers.

Image by Ändern Mull from Pixabay

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