The best antistress

The best antistress

Permanent exams, tests, a lot of homework and sleepless nights behind textbooks lead to disorders of the nervous system. Modern life is full of stress and excitement – this is humanity’s pay for progress. However, stress has always accompanied a person, but the fight against stress has been intensely dealt with only in the last century.

There is a method of psychological correction in psychotherapy – art therapy. Its meaning is that through creative activity positive changes are achieved in the psychological state of a person. One of the tools of art therapy used at home is antistress coloring.

The first coloring of this kind in our usual form was invented in 2012 by the British artist J. Besford. It contained many small details and complex “adult” drawings. The main feature of the drawings in “coloring books for adults” is the presence of small elements and bends in an intricate pattern. It is believed that by coloring such complex details, a person focuses on accuracy and is completely immersed in the process.

At the same time, everyone can find a coloring to their liking: artists and print media are not limited to creating a plotless abstract pattern, and depending on interests and preferences, you can get a coloring in animalistic, urbanistic, fantasy motifs. Or turning pages, go on a journey around the world.

If you doubt your ability to paint small details, you can find simpler drawings. You can also print several pages of LOL Surprise pictures for your younger sister. And if you have a brother, you can find сoloring pages for boys.

Coloring is a monotonous repetitive action. Therefore, it allows not only relaxing and distracting from everyday activities, but also has a beneficial effect on the brain activity of both an adult and a child.

Image by A_Different_Perspective from Pixabay

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