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Mrs Wilkes (right) Castle-Newnham Federation Head with Mrs Ward (left, Hazeldene) and Mrs Ross (centre, Castle)

See below for all the latest news and documents about our federation between Newnham, Castle and Hazeldene Schools.

The governing bodies of Castle Lower School, Hazeldene Lower School and Newnham Middle School have been working together to enhance the educational provision in order to provide a sustainable and stable educational route for children in our local community. The context for this is Bedford Borough Council’s “Strengthening partnerships…” document, available on the borough website.

We now look forward to developing the strong and growing partnership, with Castle and Newnham in hard federation (one governing body and one headteacher) from January 2016 and Hazeldene in soft federation (better curriculum, staff and pupil links), also January 2016.

We are pleased that our vision for providing continuity and excellence from 4-16 is wholly compatible with Bedford Borough’s announced intention to support schools in converting to two-tier education: we believe our all-through model will enable the transition to go all the more smoothly for children.

If you have any questions you can either arrange a meeting via the school offices at Newnham, Castle or Hazeldene or:

Federation status:

The governing bodies of all schools agreed on Monday 14th September to form a federation from January 2016.

The federation working party with members from all three schools will continue to working closely to ensure that the federation can successful start from January 2016, and over the coming months we will be sharing information on next steps and how you can be involved.

Newnham age range change: Approval of statutory proposal

The consultation to extend Newnham’s age range, carried out in the Autumn term of 2015 concluded in December with the governing body unanimously approving the change and publishing the required statutory notice. The age range change enables the development of the Castle Newnham federation and the vision of an outstanding, local all-through school.

Bedford Borough Council agreed in January 2016 to the expansion and extension of Newnham’s age range as part of its two-tier organisational change to improve education outcomes.

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