Best boarding School for girls

Clearview Horizon

Clearview HorizonLocation: Sandpoint, Idaho (students come from all states)
Ages: 13-21
Gender: all female
Phone: (406) 847-5850

Clearview Horizon serves girls, ages 13-21, whose futures are threatened by inappropriate behaviors or influences. Since its founding in 1996, more than 500 families have trusted a girl to the care of this Christian therapeutic boarding school.

Clearview Horizon aims to build a healthy self-image while teaching discipline and respect for self and others. The therapeutic boarding school environment is highly structured, and the responsibilities assigned to each girl are given a great deal of importance. Clearview is a Christian boarding school that cares for students of all faiths. Girls attend church, participate in Bible studies and say grace before meals.

The therapeutic program at Clearview Horizon includes individual, group and family counseling. Our staff Chemical Dependency Counselor serves as an additional resource to those overcoming the unique challenges of drug and alcohol addictions. Our therapy works to discover the contributing factors behind a student’s destructive choices and then teach positive tools to help her remain healthy the rest of her life.

Clearview Horizon offers an excellent academic program, which is fully accredited through the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC). On-site teachers and tutors ensure that all students make progress toward their academic goals. For students over the age of 18, we also provide vocational training. Our vocational programs include Pet Grooming School, Beauty School, Job Shadowing, and attendance at North Idaho Community College.

Clearview HorizonClearview students live together in our Lodge in the gorgeous Montana mountains. They complete daily chores, attend school and extracurricular activities, and meet regularly with therapists and mentors. Surrounded by such a safe and nurturing environment, girls face their fears and develop the strength to overcome their individual challenges.

Clearview provides innovative therapy techniques including individual, group and family therapy. We also have a Chemical Dependency Counselor on staff to provide extra support in dealing with the unique issues associated with drug addictions. The goal is to uncover the psychological factors contributing to the student’s unhealthy behavioral choices. The student will then learn therapeutic tools that will assist her the rest of her life to be a healthy woman.

Students at Clearview Horizon live together in our Lodge, have daily chores and meet regularly with their therapists who help them confront fears and gain confidence in a safe, nurturing and structured environment. Students will attend school, receive tutoring when necessary, and participate in after school activities. We provide vocational training for students over the age of 18 including attending North Idaho Community College, Beauty School, Pet Grooming School or Job Shadowing.

Clearview Horizon Testimonials, Review, and Comments

“Our family just completed our daughters first home visit and words cannot express the growth we see in her. During her time at Clearview we have seen her face many challenges and even more growth. We have seen her grow in maturity, self control, ability to follow directions, make healthier choices, effectively manage her emotions, and communicate skillfully. We have seen her grow spiritually as she has committed her life to Christ. For the first time in many years our family was healthy and truly enjoyed our time together. Although all of these areas of growth have been a gift and perhaps the most evident change was for the first time she did not create drama to get attention. She actually was one of many in our large extended family and one of five in our immediate family. This allowed us all to experience so much joy during the holidays.

Clearview HorizonThe professionals at Clearview have guided my husband and I in doing our own emotional work. This has strengthened us as individuals, parents and in our marriage. We truly see the growth in our daughter from working her Clearview program and deeply appreciate how the staff have invested in her life and our family.

Although she still has more to work on, my husband and I are delighted at the progress we are seeing. We are hopeful for her future and for the future of our family. What a gift that when I was on my knees praying for a way to help my daughter we were led to Clearview. Our test is becoming our testimony. May God bless each of you as you inspire and teach the girls to live out their God given potential.”


“I have been very pleased with the way my daughter has responded to the mental therapy, home environment, socialization process, and overall concern and attention given to her by Mary Thielbahr of the Clearview program. My daughter began the program as a withdrawn, sullen fourteen-year-old, using deception and cunning to manipulate and control her environment. She is now blossoming, exhibiting a burgeoning positive attitude, is more open with her feelings, and has learned that all actions do indeed have consequences for which we all must take responsibility. She is now earning back the respect of her family. Her main focus no longer being simply on herself, but rather on how to work together as a whole to get a job worth doing done well.

I can’t express how much I appreciate my daughter’s new, open, up-front positive attitude and seeing how her priorities have changed so entirely. Her grades are back up to the level they were prior to her involvement with drugs, alcohol, and abusing ‘friends.’ Her confidence is gradually coming back, and her sense of self-esteem increases daily. She is also much more responsible regarding the saving and spending of money. I attribute all of this to the time she has spent in the Clearview program.

I appreciate Mary Thielbahr’s weekly telephone calls to communicate with me and to update me on the progress my daughter has made scholastically, socially, with regard to her extracurricular sports activities, and within the Sandpoint community at large, and to let me know of the direction she plans on taking my daughter in the weeks ahead. My other daughter and I have visited the program and have all participated in family therapy with Mary, which always is a valuable tool in the overall health and personal understanding within the family unit.

Overall, I cannot give a higher “thumbs up” to the Clearview program, set in the beautiful northern Idaho community of Sandpoint on Lake Pend Oreille, and to its director, Mary Thielbahr and the effect she and her program have had upon my daughter, and therefore, upon the healing of our whole family.”

Seattle, Washington

“I enrolled Karla in a wilderness program pending the successful completion of that program I would make the “next step” decision for Karla. During the time Karla was in the wilderness program I did the research for her next placement. I consulted with a well respected educational counselor in Seattle. I asked for recommendations from the local mental health agencies. In each case Clearview residential treatment program was the recommendation.

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