English Primary schools

English Primary schools

The International School Villa Amalienhof is a state-certified Ersatzschule school with bilingual classes located in the west of Berlin. The school is located on the spacious parkland of the former estate Amalienhof in the Berlin-Spandau district and shares the extensive campus with the ISVA Kindergarten. This unique learning environment offers a varied daily school life and a quiet learning environment in small classes. For Children who are coming from highly mobile families, we offer an undisrupted educational career through a flexible school entry and an individually designed support system for each student.
Our Primary school offers an attentive and secure atmosphere. We promote our students‘ varied aptitudes, talents and personalities, thus creating an open school environment. School events such as assemblies take place on a weekly basis in order to encourage our students to interact and to promote community action.
Social student projects, extra-curricular activities, collaboration with external institutions such as museums and public infrastructures, walks, class trips, as well as further education led by our teachers enable a unique learning experience.

Educational Advantage through Bilingual German-English Lessons

Our school program is intended for families whose children are fluent in both German and English, as well as for families from Berlin who desire to raise their children bilingually. However, we do not require profound language ability in a foreign language in order to enrol a child at our school. Children who are in need of additional support in either English or German may take part in our remedial lessons to improve reading, writing, speaking and listening comprehension.

Various Syllabi and Method of Immersion

The Primary curriculum is based on the Berliner Rahmenplan as well as the National Curriculum of England and Wales. Thus, we meet the requirements of a state-approved private school in Berlin, as well as those of an international school.
Both, German and English are equivalent teaching languages mediated by our native speaking teachers with a lot of empathy. Through the method of immersion, Primary pupils learn the respective partner language. On the lines of securing the native language, students ought to immerse in the new language, which is encompassed in classroom curricula and outside during extracurricular activities or homework assignments.

Support Lessons and Modern Learning Techniques

We use a variety of learning methods in order to support each child individually and offer opportunities for tutoring. We actively use computers and tablets to promote and achieve learning objectives, whereby our students are able to shape teaching methods for individual learning. We promote interlinked thinking through comprehensive subject classes, in which we emphasise on diversity of methods and well-coordinated transitions. Our everyday school life is complemented through a variety of elective extracurricular activities.

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