An Introduction to the Education in the United Kingdom

An Introduction to the Education in the United Kingdom

Education in the United Kingdom is a hot topic and is a subject which has been discussed a lot over the years. In addition to this, the education sector is also experiencing massive changes due to which many teachers in the United Kingdom are becoming uneasy and are opting for job change to countries like the United States of America. UK is one of the best-developed nations in the world and it is one of the richest countries too. Due to this rise in terms of income in the UK has become quite progressive and with this rise in its development, the educational sector too has seen a drastic change as well.

The educational system in the United Kingdom was dominated by the grammar schools, which have been known to promote an orthodox education system. British education policy has been a constant factor in the reform of education in the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom all educational policies are influenced by the Education Act. The Act states that all children are eligible for free education and that education is compulsory for all to participate fully in the social order of the country. Education in the United Kingdom has been through a lot of changes and the British public is well aware of these changes and has been a vocal fan of these changes.

Educational institutions in the United Kingdom have been greatly impacted by the various reforms. Several educational institutes have undergone a drastic transformation due to which many others have opted for more affluent learning places. Many educational institutes have also been facing severe financial losses as the government is now requiring educational institutes to attain better rankings in terms of cost effectiveness. The education sector in the United Kingdom has been improved in such a way that schools and colleges in the United Kingdom can boast that they are in advanced mode of education.

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