Junior Boarding School England

Junior Boarding School England

Children in Years 3-6 live in Rank Weston House. The house has two wings; one for girls and one for boys and children sleep in spacious dorms with up to 6 beds. The communal areas include a large common room, Table Tennis room, Dance studio, Music studio and Games room. Year 6 students have their own common room.

We have two prep rooms, where pupils complete homework under the supervision of one of the House staff, so help is on hand if they need it. A member of staff will listen to each child read every day.

The House Parent for Rank Weston House is resident in the House and he is supported by two resident Deputy House Parents as well as House Tutors, Teaching Tutors and Matrons. The Royal Alexandra and Albert School has a high ratio of pastoral staff to pupils and this enables house staff to spend more time with children, for example when supervising prep or activities.

Here is an example of the routine for junior boarders after the end of the school day at 3.30pm;

3.30 Return to Rank Weston House for refreshment (drink and snack)
4.00 Depart for activities
5.00 Return from activities
5.20 Tea in the Dining Hall
5.45 Depart to go to evening activity e.g. swimming, dance, Scouts, sports or stay and play in the house or go to a quiet room to do prep
7.00 Curfew and shower time
7.30 Supper in the house (drink and snack)
8.15 Lamp time in dorms before bedtime

The Rank Weston Promise

We aim to give you, our children, a wonderful experience
We want to ensure you have a great time with us
We will be friendly and helpful
We will listen and be proactive to meet your needs
We want to be a valued part of the school community
We will create a relaxed, safe and secure environment

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