Boarding schools in Britain

Boarding schools in Britain

UK boarding schools offer you excellent teaching, facilities and support. UK education is all about giving you the inspiration to help you develop your skills and knowledge, the freedom to be creative and the support to help you achieve your best.

Many UK boarding schools combine beautiful, centuries-old buildings with a mix of modern classrooms and traditional architecture. Excellent facilities help make living and learning a great experience.

Have a unique cultural adventure: Studying in the UK is an opportunity to make new friends from all around the world and discover the UK’s beautiful countryside and cities on excursions with your teachers and classmates. Have a look at our Living and studying in the UK section for more details.

Try new arts and sport activities: You might be surprised at how important music, drama, art, public speaking, societies and sport are to UK boarding schools. As well as helping you to stay healthy and happy, art and sport are excellent for creativity, confidence and team spirit. They can also lead to fantastic careers. In most schools you will find a wide range of art and sport classes, optional after-school and weekend activities, plus superb facilities. How about photography, football, dance, chess, drama, song-writing, computer programming, painting, rowing, orienteering, horse riding, skiing, or hockey?!

Join an international community: UK boarding schools welcome students of all faiths, nationalities and cultures. By living and learning in this international environment, you will make friends with pupils from all around the world and gain essential skills in understanding other cultures.

Quality assured: To teach and accommodate pupils, UK boarding schools must meet strict quality standards set by the UK government and other education bodies. These standards cover the quality of teaching, accommodation, pupil welfare, facilities and more. Find out more in our article Boarding schools – Choosing and applying to a UK boarding school.

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